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Candied Nails Stylist


How do I earn money with Candied Nails?


We have 3 different ways!


Join as a Candied Nails Stylist

Comes complete with website, Candied Nails bag, Candied Nails, brochures, cards, candy, and more!

Our start up fee is $150 and only $10 per month for hosting.


Choose from one of our 4 websites - for just $150 you can have your very own website complete with products.

Can you add more products? YES!

Can you use this website as your own? YES!

Can you host this website anywhere? YES!

Does it come with all 100 nail designs? YES!

Is Candied Nails Fun? YES!


Select from one of our 4 premade templates for you to choose from:


Nail Kisses Nail Art Posh Nails My Nails

Candied Nails makes it easy and fun to start your very own business today!


It's so easy.

Just fill out our simple online form and you can start selling within 24-48 hours.
We do all of the work for you.
Just sit back - relax...

We are looking forward to having you on board!