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Yes you can! You can start earning extra income with Candied Nails. We offer an amazing incentive program to where you can make up to 50% in sales and MORE! Candied Nails is NOT an MLM program. Your profits are YOURS to keep.

We have two fun and different programs for you to make an income. Join one or join all! You can earn money with Candied Nails multiple ways.

Affiliate Program

With our Affiliate Program you earn 20% for every purchase made through your custom link. You will also receive 20% for every affiliate referral.

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Stylist Program

With our Stylist Program you will have your very own website and will earn 50% of all product sales. The program costs $10 per month for hosting and maintenance with a $150 one time setup fee. The setup fee includes the website setup and installation with your very own business name on our own server and a Candied Nails bag that includes 10 Candied Nails real nail polish strips, brochure, cards, and more. The setup fee includes everything you need to get started and our low monthly fee gives you everything you need to become successful.

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